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Our formulations are made by using high-quality titrated dry extracts

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Own production 100% Natural Food Supplements

sicura efficacia degli integratori naturali Salugea

Safe Effectiveness

Our formulations are made by using titrated dry extracts to ensure that the quantity and the effectiveness of each active ingredient remain the same over time.

integratori totalmente naturali

100% Natural

Zero Compromise: Salugea Food Supplements are 100% organic natural without synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colouring nor chemical additives.

integratori naturali conservati in vetro

Brown glass containers

No plastic! We have chosen to use brown glass for our bottles and pillboxes. Dark glass is the only type of packaging that grants the product quality and safety over time.

sinergia vincente tra estratti vegetali

A winning synergy

A single extract may be effective. Our formulations include a combination of titrated dry extracts for a much more synergistic effect.

tradizione e innovazione

Tradition and Innovation

We combine the principles of herbal medicine tradition together with the most innovative titrated dry extract formulations and synergies.

esperti al tuo servizio

Wellness Specialists at Your Service

Experienced Wellness Professionals are at your disposal to provide you with all the support and advice you may need.

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Nathalie Rapti Gomez testimonianza
Alex Bellini
Alex Bellini
Giulio Berruti
Giulio Berruti
Giovanni De Carolis
Giovanni De Carolis
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Walter Nudo
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Matteo Salvo


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Best Selling Natural Food Supplements

Energea+ Salugea

Energy and Vitality

From € 39,90
In stock
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Kiomasal Salugea

Hair Food Supplement

From € 38
In stock
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Venasal Salugea

Blood circulation

From € 34
In stock
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Immuno Bimbi Salugea
Immuno Bimbi

Immune Defenses of Children

From € 24
In stock
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DKE + Magnesio Salugea
DKE + Magnesio

Vitamins D3, K2, E plus Magnesium

From € 34
In stock
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Omega 3 Krill Oil Salugea
Omega 3 Krill Oil

High Quality Omega 3

From € 39,90
In stock
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