Circolazione venosa

Content: 60 capsules - Free shipping


Circolazione venosa

Content: 60 capsules - Free shipping

"Il prodotto merita un punteggio molto alto. Mi aiuta ad avere meno pesantezza alle gambe, le sento più agili e leggere." - Daniela

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Food supplement for blood circulation

Venasal by Salugea is a 100% natural food supplement designed to protect and support the structure of the veins and improve blood circulation. Its strength lies in a unique, complete and innovative combination of plants: Horse Chestnut, Witch Hazel, Butcher's Broom, Sweet Clover and Black Currant. All the ingredients come in the form of highly titrated dry extracts, the only ones capable of ensuring the best quality and effectiveness of the product.

Who is Venasal for?

Venasal is ideal for those who:

  • show capillaries and veins on the skin surface (often hereditary),
  • spend many hours sitting or standing,
  • show the mark of the sock elastic band around the ankle,
  • often have cold and/or bluish hands and feet,
  • feel legs itching or burning,
  • have suffered (or still suffer) from prominent hemorrhoids,
  • have swollen feet, ankles and hands (particularly at the end of the day or in hot weather),
  • feel the urge to frequently move their legs,
  • have cramps at night,
  • often drink alcoholic drinks, smoke, or eat food rich in sugar,
  • have tried massages, specific creams or circulation sprays with no results,
  • wish to prevent circulatory disorders and keep a healthy venous blood circulation,
  • Wish to get rid of water retention and cellulite.

Why is Venasal truly effective in case of venous problems?

The synergy developed by the plant extracts contained in the formula acts directly at the heart of the venous problem by supporting a weakened endothelium.

Endothelium is a very thin layer of cells located in the inner part of the blood vessel. It forms an interface between circulating blood and the rest of the vessel wall. That is why a healthy endothelium is most important for the entire venous system. Several venous disorders are due to a change or deterioration in the endothelium due e.g. to hereditary factors, poor nutrition and in general unhealthy lifestyle. The consequence is that the entire structure of the vein itself changes and the vein does not perform as it should. This change gradually affects all the venous system with a sort of “domino effect”. At this stage, capillaries, varicose veins, oedema and water retention start to become visible on the skin surface. Venasal active ingredients are effective on the endothelium and the whole structure of the vein. They not only help improve circulation, but they also work at the heart of the venous system thus granting maximum support and ensure natural physiology.

Why is Venasal different from any other food supplement for the venous system?

For quality and quantity.

  • Quality: Horse chestnut, Witch hazel, Butcher’s broom, Sweet Clover and Black currant are plants with incredible properties beneficial for the venous system. Besides, together these plants develop a strong synergy which is complete and particularly effective on the venous system.
  • Quantity: Venasal formula contains only highly titrated vegetable dry extracts. Take for instance the active principle of Horse Chestnut which is called Escin. The daily dose of two capsules of Venasal provides 75 mg of Escin, which is the maximum daily allowance approved by the Italian Ministry of Health for this ingredient!

Why is it important to support the venous system and why “the sooner the better”?

It is very important that you do whatever is necessary as soon as that tiny vein or capillary appear (It is never too late!). Prevention becomes even more important if you know that your parents or grand-parents have the same problem, as in 85% of the cases, venous problems are hereditary. Venasal active principles go straight to the inner part of the vein to strengthen it and ensure maximum support. And if veins and capillaries are in good health, this is what you get:

  • lighter legs, no more aching,
  • no more swollen ankles and feet,
  • no more prominent, painful or bleeding hemorrhoids,
  • night cramps will decrease until they disappear,
  • your hands and feet will be naturally warm and dry,
  • you will stop feeling “swollen”,
  • no pain from touch or pressure.


Salugea Venasal is a food supplement exclusively made of 100% natural plant extracts (no synthetic molecules!), in the form of highly titraded dry extracts, selected and certified top quality. Ingredients are contained in vegetable capsules packed in pharmaceutical brown glass bottles that guarantee quality and effectiveness over time (and do not pollute!).

  • Venasal has a specific action on fragile capillaries and visible veins. Witch Hazel (known for its properties since 1700) is the best plant for capillaries and veins. Its high content in tannins, catechins, quercetin and flavonoids allows for a soothing, decongesting and anti-inflammatory action that strengthens the venous system. Witch Hazel phlebotonic and anti-inflammatory properties are particularly beneficial in case of weak capillaries and veins as well as aching or swollen legs.
  • Venasal improves blood circulation especially in hands and feet. Butcher’s broom is a small shrub growing up to 60 cm and bearing small red berries. Its roots are rich in ruscogenins and neuruscogenins with exceptional properties. They strengthen the capillaries walls and normalise their permeability with the result that circulation flow improves globally especially in hands and feet.
  • Venasal strengthens the endothelium, the inner layer of the vein walls with Horse Chestnut. This tree comes originally from Eastern Europe (Balkans/Caucasus), grows up to 25-30 meters high and is rich in saponins, especially in Escin as well as in oxycoumarins, anthocyanins, purines, tannins, flavonoids. Venasal provides 75 mg of Escin per day, the maximum daily intake approved by the Italian Ministry of Health for this component!
  • Venasal soothes prominent, bleeding or aching hemorrhoids and prevents their inflammation. Number of people suffer from hemorrhoidal disorders nowadays and this is due to unhealthy habits and/or to genetic weakness of the vein walls. It is estimated that 1 Italian out of 2, aged 50 and over, has (or has had) to cope with this discomfort. Sweet Clover and Horse Chestnut have both phlebotonic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-oedema properties, ideal in case of hemorrhoidal disorders.
  • Venasal drains water retention with Black Currant. Black Currant leaves contain diterpenes, triterpenes, polyphenols, flavonoide (in particular
    mycetin, kaempferol and quercetin), essential oil and tannins as well as diuretic and blood cleansing active principles that rid the body of toxins and waste. Which in turn is a great help in case of swollen, numb and aching legs.

Venasal: come si assume

Ingredienti di Venasal

Approfondimenti scientifici

Cod. Min. Sal.: 135830

I nostri testi hanno scopo divulgativo, non vanno intesi come indicazione di diagnosi e cura di stati patologici e non vogliono sostituirsi in alcun modo al parere del Medico.


Food supplement for blood circulation

Domande Frequenti sull'integratore

Sconsigliamo l’uso di Venasal in gravidanza poiché in questa fase la circolazione sanguigna possiede caratteristiche particolari ed è a diretto contatto con il bambino. Dal terzo mese di allattamento invece non ci sono problemi. Per valutare la singola situazione consigliamo comunque di fare riferimento al ginecologo/a.

Sì, questi tre integratori sono perfetti in sinergia. Consigliamo di assumere una capsula di ciascuno a metà mattina* e una capsula di ciascuno a metà pomeriggio*. *a stomaco vuoto, circa un’ora lontano dai pasti

Consigliamo di iniziare con il dosaggio pieno (2 capsule al giorno). Già dopo i primi giorni avvertirà i benefici e consigliamo di portare avanti il trattamento così per 2/3 mesi. Puoi proseguire il mantenimento con una sola capsula al giorno. Nel periodo estivo, di maggior sofferenza per le gambe a causa del caldo, consigliamo di assumere sempre 2 capsule al giorno.


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