The SALUGEA approach

100% Natural


Salugea was founded on the conviction that health and well-being are an absolute value: our team becomes a supporter and promoter of a healthy lifestyle aimed at the prevention and the maintenance of human well-being, adopting alternative strategies that are healthy, natural and holistic.

Salugea designs and manufactures products of proven effectiveness that are 100% natural, with a reduced environmental impact. The raw materials are carefully selected and are all provided with the necessary certifications in terms of quality, origin and safety.

Salugea checks every production phase very carefully and meticulously. For us the strict control of our suppliers of raw materials and each company department is important in terms of responsibility.

We never use synthetic products, preservatives, colouring or chemical additives In our formulations: the purity and naturalness of the products are our strength.

A passion for natural products is at the heart of Salugea’s approach. We take nature and the environment into account at all times.


“We take nature and respect for the environment into account at all times”


It is necessary to believe in order to raise awareness. All of us at Salugea have a fervent belief in terms of respect for nature and for the good things it gives us. It is this approach that gives us the tools to raise awareness in all those who come into contact with us, as well as the importance of the natural ingredients and processes used in our products.


We carefully select our raw materials, which are absolutely natural and have the necessary certifications that attest to their purity, quality, origin and safety. Salugea studies the methods for assembling its raw materials, and chooses the best technologies to ensure the achievement of optimal goodness for every single product.


Salugea means naturally taking care of yourself without side effects. In fact, there are contraindications if we limit ourselves to using exclusively natural products 



“Continuous improvement is the commitment of Salugea, the important thing for us is to always achieve the highest possible quality levels"


We focus on high quality in order to be sure we supply safe and effective products. Salugea’s ultimate goal is to achieve and provide well-being, in accordance with the ethical rules and culture the company was founded on.


Control of all phases is the responsibility assumed by Salugea, because we demand quality right from the beginning of the supply chain. We check our suppliers, logistics and production in order to ensure the highest quality results.

Agreed objective

Quality is a goal to be agreed with all our business partners. At Salugea, we demand quality in all our departments and this is why we use high-level experts in every field of research, particularly in relation to nutrition, pharmacognosy and nutrigenomics, who monitor the development of products in each implementation phase.



“You can innovate starting from what is old, you just have to look at everything through new eyes”


Innovation, research and training are cornerstones of SALUGEA’S approach, which is not just to be a brand, but a holder of information that develops and expands, by going into more detail and continuously updating knowledge. Through the study of the results generated by the major global scientific research institutes, SALUGEA updates itself and its competences, in order to share its experience and knowledge with those who wish to focus on daily well-being.


At Salugea, training is constant and continuous. Knowledge in the industry and its development, knowledge of pathological phenomena and the market, are an indispensable element of our work, through which we can improve and adequately inform our customers.


We wish to achieve the best possible production performance, where by performance we only mean qualitative performance. This is why we constantly monitor technology, because the technological solutions that we favour are those that ensure the highest level of resilience of natural active ingredients.

100% Natural Herbal Product Line

Dietary supplements made from plant extracts

Salugea’s herbal products are 100% natural, made from plant extracts. The formulations are the result of careful study to create effective synergies between elements of plant origin with extraordinary phytotherapeutic properties.

The secret of the effectiveness of Salugea’s 100% natural herbs lies in nature itself, which provides valuable gifts for the health of our bodies.

Salugea selects and only uses certified highest quality ingredients that are 100% Natural, in capsules, with no synthetic products in its formulations.

Human well-being and health have always been central to Salugea’s approach. Through a process based on choices that regard quality, competence, innovation and a passion for its mission, it gives its customers high quality products that are absolutely effective.

  • Innovative formulas (synergies between multiple plant extracts)
  • Rapid effectiveness (use of titrated dry extracts)
  • Free of colouring and chemical additives
  • High concentration of active ingredients (natural ingredients less than 5%)
  • Vegetable capsules
  • Tablet kept in dark glass for optimal preservation of the capsules
  • Under-cap seal for the safe preservation of the product
  • Recyclable packaging materials
  • Products guaranteed to be 100% natural

Highest Quality Liquid Dietary Supplements Product Line

100% Pure and Natural

Salugea Highest Quality Liquid Food Supplements are made by directly squeezing superfruits with recognised nutritional properties, that are pure and 100% natural. They are not ordinary fruit juices, but organic liquid Dietary Supplements (without pulp).

They are made by cold pressing fresh fruit, which is pasteurized using the Flash Pasteurization System to preserve the best organoleptic qualities of the fruits of origin, which are then stored in dark glass bottles.

Thanks to their rich nutritional properties, all you have to do is take a very small amount on a daily basis. They are in fact available in 500 ml bottles which cover up a month of treatment.

Salugea is against the use of synthetic vitamins: Salugea liquid supplements are a 100% natural source of nutritional principles.

  • 100% natural and organic
  • 100% pure (undiluted)
  • 100% cold pressed (without pulp)
  • Free of colouring or preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • Made by cold pressing of fresh fruits
  • Pasteurised using the Flash Pasteurization system
  • Kept in dark glass bottles
  • Packaged in recyclable materials