Organic Acerola Juice

Defence and support

Content: 500 ml - Free shipping

Organic Acerola Juice

Defence and support

Content: 500 ml - Free shipping

"...Ottimo grazie alla elevata quantità di vitamina C contenuta nel frutto di acerola." - Alessandra

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Salugea Organic Acerola Juice 100% pure

Salugea Organic Acerola Juice is a liquid food supplement obtained exclusively from Acerola berries that are rich in Vitamin C (50 times as much as oranges).

Hence, such berries are very precious because they are a real booster for our immune system! Besides, Acerola Berries contain antioxidants - that neutralise free radicals,  responsible for our body cells premature ageing – provide energy to the body and are naturally high in mineral salts, especially iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and active elements such as carotenoids and bio-flavonoids.

Why is Salugea Acerola Organic Juice so rich in active principles?

Simply because Salugea Acerola Organic Juice is a pure concentrate of... Acerola berries! Such a precious fruit – that resembles a tiny little apple – is a casket full of “good things”. In particular, Acerola is well known for its high content of natural Vitamin C, up to fifty times more than oranges.

 Natural Vitamin C is much more bio-available (i.e. more easily absorbed by the body) than synthetic vitamins, so our body can effectively use all of it!

It is therefore essential to provide our body with enough Vitamin C! In fact, Vitamin C:

  • boosts our immune system thus helping our body to fight against pathogens;
  • improves our resistance against infectious diseases;
  • eases the absorption of Iron;
  • helps the healing process of wounds;
  • is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant;
  • is beneficial in case of stress (be it physical and mental), pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • helps neutralise the harmful effects of alcohol, smoking and unhealthy diet.

... and there are precise signals our body sends out when in need for Vitamin C!

  • You often get a cold with cough, runny or clogged nose and you find it hard to get rid of it.
  • Your gums tend to bleed too often.
  • You feel exhausted both physically and mentally.
  • You suffer from
  • You feel irritable and nervous.

Why is Salugea Acerola Organic Juice different from any other Acerola juice?

Salugea Acerola Organic Juice is different from any other Acerola juice because:

  • it is bottled in brown glass pharmaceutical bottles; glass is the only material that can ensure the quality and safety of the product, over time;
  • it is 100% organic;
  • it exclusively contains... acerola berries! The juice is pure, not diluted (not even with water!) and has no added sugars;
  • berries are simply cold-pressed to get the juice;
  • the juice undergoes flash pasteurization that preserves vitamins and all the active ingredients naturally present in the fruit.

Properties of Salugea Organic Acerola Juice

Immune system boosting properties. Acerola is high in vitamin C and is therefore ideal to support our immune system and our body capability of preventing and fighting infectious diseases and degenerative conditions, both in the acute and in the chronic phase. In particular, Acerola is effective against cold, cough and seasonal flue, especially in winter times!

Tonic anti-oxidant action. Vitamin C naturally contained in Acerola berries fights free radicals. This important action is required when you are under stress (physically and mentally), when you feel low in energy and wish to prevent premature ageing.

Protection of skin, capillaries and mucosa. Another important aspect of Acerola natural Vitamin C is that it has a protective action on skin. In fact it stimulates the production of collagen, reduces gums and mucosa bleeding, strengthens capillaries and improves oxygen exchange within the tissues.

Organic Acerola Juice: come si assume

Ingredienti di Organic Acerola Juice

Approfondimenti scientifici

Cod. Min. Sal.: 136424

I nostri testi hanno scopo divulgativo, non vanno intesi come indicazione di diagnosi e cura di stati patologici e non vogliono sostituirsi in alcun modo al parere del Medico.

Organic Acerola Juice

Fonte di Vitamina C Naturale Biologica

Domande Frequenti sull'integratore

Sì, come tutti i succhi Salugea, è certificato biologico: è privo di conservanti, coloranti e additivi. Senza zuccheri aggiunti.

Sì, i bambini sopra i 3 anni possono prendere senza problemi i succhi Salugea. La dose da rispettare è 10 ml al giorno. In ogni caso, consigliamo di consultare anche il pediatra.

Una volta aperto, bisogna conservare il prodotto in frigorifero e consumarlo entro un mese.


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