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100% Natural food supplement for healthy hair, strong nails and beautiful skin

Kiomasal is the most complete and innovative food supplement for hair, nails and skin with a special formulation by Salugea. The formulation includes: Spirulina Algae, Bamboo, Stinging Nettle, Vitamins of the B group (PANMOL®-B-COMPLEX 120), Mango (Careflow®), Quercetin, Iron (SunActive® Fe-P80LK), Zinc, Selenium and Copper.

100% natural new generation patented ingredients which number of clinical studies have proved to be truly effective and safe.

Why is Kiomasal different from other hair food supplements?

Kiomasal ingredients go straight to the deepest part of the hair bulb, the dermal papilla, where your hair comes to life. And in fact, most of the problems related to hair and scalp start there. To successfully solve them, the dermal papilla needs to be nourished and protected. How? Through 5 important steps.

  • Nourish the bulb with highly bio-available nutrients that can therefore be easily absorbed and rapidly used.
  • Prevent hair bulb inflammation.
  • Improve bulb oxygenation.
  • Cleanse the hair scalp to eliminate toxins.
  • Modulate the scalp sebum production.

When talking about hair wellbeing, another important factor to be considered is the alpha 5-reductase enzyme.

Alpha-5 reductase modifies the testosterone molecules by turning them into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and it is DHT that progressively damages the hair. That is why your hair looks thinner, dull and brittle. Most of the hair food supplements contain Serenoa and Pygeum that aim at inhibiting the testosterone production with obvious consequences on the libido and sex life in general.

With Kiomasal, you avoid such drawbacks because its recipe only includes safe, active ingredients that control the production of Alpha-5 reductase, without decreasing the normal levels of testosterone!

Kiomasal is what you need if:

  • your hair is greasy, dry or brittle;
  • you wash your hair too often or too seldom, your hair has been stressed by aggressive cosmetic treatments or if you regularly blow-dry your hair, or often use curling tongs or hair straighteners;
  • your hair falls out or becomes weaker during change of season;
  • you are under pressure and feel stressed out;
  • you live in a polluted environment, you smoke or often drink alcohol;
  • your diet is unbalanced and low in vitamins;
  • your parents or relatives have experienced hair problems;
  • you suffer from hormone imbalance (e.g. lower oestrogen levels in women after pregnancy or menopause);
  • you are on a strict diet;
  • you are suffering from scalp problems such as excess sebum, vitiligo, etc.

What you get with Kiomasal

A 360° deep action on hair, nails and skin by means of 100% natural last-generation patented ingredients.

  • Your hair and nails grow stronger and naturally healthy.
  • You support the growth phase of your hair (anagen) by over 30%.
  • The scalp micro-circulation is improved by over 60%.
  • The dermal papilla is deeply nourished.
  • As your hair grows stronger, hair loss decreases.
  • Daily intake of bio-active Vitamins of the B group.
  • Daily intake of bio-available iron with no aftertaste and easy to digest.
  • Daily intake of trace elements such as Zinc, Copper and Selenium effective against inflammation of the scalp. They help strengthen your hair, stimulate the production of collagen and improve your natural hair colour.
  • Control of the levels of Alpha-5-Reductase with no effect on the testosterone levels!

Kiomasal is innovative, complete and safe!

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