Biosnel Formula Potenziata

Cellulite blemishes

Content: 60 vegetarian capsules - Free shipping

Biosnel Formula Potenziata

Cellulite blemishes

Content: 60 vegetarian capsules - Free shipping

"Prodotto top… davvero efficace" - Francesca M.

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Natural Food Supplement for Cellulite blemishes

Biosnel Formula Potenziata is the 100% natural supplement by Salugea useful against cellulite imperfections and the "orange peel skin", wherever they appear on your body. Besides, Biosnel Formula Potenziata is without caffeine!

The effectiveness of Biosnel Formula Potenziata lies in its formulation. A perfectly balanced mix of plants effective from within on the causes of cellulite blemishes: Pineapple, Centella, Red Vine, Garcinia and Gynostemma.

All of them, of course, in the form of highly titrated dry extracts.

Titrated dry extracts are the best source of plant active principles. In fact, the specific way the plant is processed ensures that the quantity of the plant active principles is always the same in terms of quantity and quality in each preparation, even amongst different batches.

In practical terms, this means that the active principles you will find in the Salugea supplement you have just bought will be the same as the ones that you will find in the supplement you are going to re-order. Hence, the quality and effectiveness of the product never change from one bottle to another.

Who it is for

Biosnel Formula Potenziata is the supplement for women who:

  • want to get rid of cellulite imperfections in a natural, effective and safe way,
  • have had enough of beauty treatments that bring little results,
  • wish to keep the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates under control.

What you obtain

  • Action against cellulite blemishes and orange peel skin.
  • Control of fats and sugar metabolism.
  • Support to microcirculation.
  • Smoother and more tonic skin.
  • Lighter legs.

Why is Biosnel Formula Potenziata different from any other natural food supplement for cellulite blemishes?

  • It comes in pharmaceutical brown glass bottles. Glass is the only material that can guarantee the quality and safety of the product over time, and it is good for the environment!
  • It is 100% natural.
  • Its active ingredients act on the causes of cellulite blemishes.
  • Its active principles are contained in capsules that are 100% vegetable and openable.
  • It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • It is notified to the Italian Ministry of Health.

How Biosnel Formula Potenziata works

The strength of Biosnel Formula Potenziata lies in its formulation which is 100% natural. Each active ingredient has specific properties acting against cellulite blemishes and orange peel skin.


Yes, it is indeed the exotic fruit you might normally have at the end of your meal or as a healthy and refreshing snack in hot summer days! Nonetheless, Pineapple is not only delicious to the palate, but it can also be your precious ally against cellulite blemishes.

Particularly, its stem contains a substance called Bromelain, which is particularly useful against cellulite imperfections as it supports microcirculation and drains excess fluids from your thighs and legs.


Centella has been known for ages for its benefits on the female body. And it is so even today! Thanks to its specific active molecules, Centella counteracts cellulite imperfections, supports the functions of microcirculation, and relieves that heavy leg sensation.

Red Vine

Like Centella, Red Vine also deserves a "standing ovation" because it is highly beneficial for your legs. In fact, it is high in antioxidants that support microcirculation and provide relief from heavy legs.

Red vine leaves contain anthocyanosides and procyanidins capable of inhibiting the action of elastase - an enzyme that hardens the body tissues - and stabilizing collagen1. Hence, the walls of capillaries and veins remain strong, elastic and perfectly capable of doing their job.


The fruit looks like a small pumpkin, is soft and contains five seeds surrounded by a sweet yellow pulp.

Garcinia is a fruit that has been appreciated for centuries and its properties have been demonstrated by several clinical studies.

In a 2017 study, researchers administered Garcinia Cambogia to obese patients. Results showed that a long-term intake of the plant extract helps weight loss by reducing the overall body fat mass, visceral fat and increasing basal metabolic rate2.

Another paper reports Garcinia properties in a comprehensive analysis carried out on 37 studies made on this special fruit. Particularly, some of these studies report that Garcinia has positive effects on weight loss and hunger control3.

Another interesting study proves that the hydroxycitrate (HCA) contained in Garcinia Cambogia helps you keep a healthy weight by limiting fat absorption and the subsequent storage of fat in the adipose tissue4.


Gynostemma leaves have been used since the times of the Ming Dynasty for their beneficial properties. A truly centennial plant.

Gynostemma has several properties, but it has been included in Biosnel Formula Potenziata mainly because it can control the metabolism of fats and sugars.

Particularly, it prevents fats from depositing along the walls of blood vessels and reduces the assimilation of sugars and fats taken in with food. These two actions are fundamental to effectively smooth out cellulite imperfections, from within.

Gynostemma active principles allow for the control of fat deposits in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, which is fundamental to actively counteract cellulite imperfections.

Biosnel Formula Potenziata: come si assume

Ingredienti di Biosnel Formula Potenziata

Approfondimenti scientifici

Cod. Min. Sal.: 84872

I nostri testi hanno scopo divulgativo, non vanno intesi come indicazione di diagnosi e cura di stati patologici e non vogliono sostituirsi in alcun modo al parere del Medico.

Biosnel Formula Potenziata

Natural Food Supplement for Cellulite blemishes

Domande Frequenti sull'integratore

During the initial "attack phase" , we recommend that you take two capsules a day, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon, on an empty stomach, or at least one hour before or after your main meals.

For best results, take the two supplements together, as follows: 1 capsule of Biosnel Formula Potenziata + 1 capsule of Diuresan Formula Potenziata mid-morning away from main meals, and then 1 capsule of Biosnel Formula Potenziata + 1 capsule of Diuresan Formula Potenziata mid-afternoon, always on an empty stomach, or at least one hour before or after your main meals.

Results can be visible already after the first month treatment. For even better results, we recommend that you combine the supplements with a healthy diet and some exercise.


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