Anti-stress and Immune System Boosting Plan

Difese Immunitarie e Stress

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Anti-stress and Immune System Boosting Plan includes:

  • 1 DKE + Magnesium
  • 1 Omega 3 Krill Oil
  • 1 Rilassa Mente
  • 1 Aronia Juice

DKE + Magnesio

Your secret weapon? A mix of vitamins combined with a very special mineral. In particular, in this supplement you find vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin E, and Magnesium. In particular it is vitamin D which, I'm sure, will make your eyes shine. This vitamin is able to activate T cells, of the specific cells that are found in the thymus and are specialized in the defense of the organism from viruses and bacteria. In addition, thanks to the addition of vitamin K, you can be sure that vitamin D is absorbed at its best. And infinite vitamin E and Magnesium, elements that will help you fight stress and tiredness.

Rilassa Mente

It is the supplement that brings calm and mental serenity. Her secret? A specially studied mix of Griffonia, Giuggiolo, Melissa and Hawthorn. Thanks to these active ingredients you act against anxiety, stress, emotional tensions, pessimism and fluctuating mood. And it's not over! Unlike many supplements that work in this area, Rilassa Mente relaxes the nerves but does not cause drowsiness or addiction. This is because it is a supplement that activates your natural recovery force which in this period is only more hidden but always present!

Omega 3 Krill Oil

Omega 3 Krill Oil Salugea is a supplement of Omega 3 of superior quality, obtained from Antarctic krill oil. It naturally contains highly assimilable Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) , Choline and Astaxanthin.

This product is indicated for the correct fat metabolism, for the protection of the cardiovascular system, the function of the liver, the < strong> nervous system and visual functionality. Also useful for preventing aging and cellular degeneration, Omega 3s counteract inflammation, chronic and acute, osteo-articular, connective, allergic, cardio-vascular type or neuronal.

Aronia juice

The rich intake of Aronia Salugea Flavonoids with antioxidant activity (Anthocyanins, Carotenoids, Lutein and Zeaxanthin) allows this food supplement to have immunostimulating effects and increase the protection of the body from bacterial and viral infections. The use of Aronia Juice Prima Qualità Salugea is therefore recommended to support the immune system.

Immune Defense and Stress Program - 3 Months

We recommend that you take immune defense supplements for three consecutive months. That's why we offer you the possibility to order the Immunity and Stress Defense Program in the "3 Months" version, with a greater discount. The program includes:

  • 3 DKE + Magnesium
  • 3 Omega 3 Krill Oil
  • 3 Relax Mind
  • 3 Aronia Juices
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