Goji Juice

Immune system

Content: 500 ml - Free shipping

Goji Juice

Immune system

Content: 500 ml - Free shipping

"Dal primo utilizzo mi sono sentita più attiva . La sto dando anche a mio figlio...Anche lui ha sentito subito più energia." - Lara

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Organic Goji berry Juice 100% pure.

Salugea Organic Goji juice is a liquid food supplement exclusively made from Organic Goji Berries. Salugea Goji Juice is a extremely powerful, natural antioxidant with tonic and invigorating properties that strengthen the immune system.

Why has Salugea Organic Goji Juice got all these properties?

Simply because Salugea Organic Goji Juice is a concentrate of... Goji berries and nothing else!

Goji berry properties have always been well-known by eastern civilizations and only recently have they finally become popular and highly appreciated in western countries, too. Goji berries properties have been studied and appreciated for centuries. They are so powerful and precious for our body that they are also known as “the long-life berries”. So, let’s try and get to know a bit better such gift of Nature.

Goji berries are a concentrate of active nutrients and anti-oxidative molecules.

Such a treasure-chest full of nutrients is a perfect, natural energiser providing our body with plenty of vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids. And they taste very nice!

Besides, Goji Juice protects our cells from oxidative stress and supports our immune system.

And, last but not least, Goji Juice is your ally in weight loss because it has a remarkable satiating power and a low glycaemic index.

In short, Goji Juice is what you need!

  • It provides natural energy with no stimulation of the nervous system,
  • supports your body immune defences,
  • keeps sugar levels at bay and has a remarkable satiating power,
  • is beneficial for your skin and nails wellbeing,
  • protects your body from the damage caused by free-radicals (premature cell-ageing),
  • keeps high your vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids in your body.

It is indeed a goldmine of nutrients readily available and easily and rapidly absorbed! Salugea Organic Goji Juice is obtained by cold pressing Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum L.) previously hand-picked and sun-dried on the Asian plateaus. The juice tastes delicious and is suitable for the whole family.

Why is Salugea Organic Goji Juice different from any other Goji liquid supplement?

Salugea Organic Goji Juice is different from any other Goji liquid supplement because:

  • it is bottled in pharmaceutical brown glass bottles; glass is the only material that can ensure the quality and safety of the product, over time;
  • it is 100% organic;
  • it exclusively contains... Goji berries! The juice is pure, not diluted (not even with water!) and has no added sugars;
  • berries are simply cold-pressed to get the juice;
  • the juice undergoes flash pasteurization that preserves vitamins and all the active ingredients naturally present in the berries.

Properties of Salugea Organic Goji Juice

  • Tonic and invigorating. Goji Juice supports the energetic metabolism and optimises the use of nutrients derived from food. Several research studies report a general wellbeing sensation after taking for sometimes the daily recommended dose of Goji Juice.
  • Antioxidative action. Goji berries are also known as “the long-life fruits” for their broad-spectrum antioxidative action . As a matter of fact, Goji berries are high in vitamins and contain specific antioxidants (anthocyanins and carotenoids) that effectively counteract the action of free-radicals (be they endogenous or exogenous).
  • Immune system support. Goji Juice naturally contains Vitamin C and LBP (L. barbarum polysaccharides) that have an extremely favourable impact on our immune system.
  • Control of Sugar levels. Goji Juice is also effective in keeping sugar levels within safety ranges thanks to its low glycaemic index and other precious active ingredients contained in the berries. Therefore, the Goji Juice can be useful in case of metabolic issues due to blood sugar imbalance.
  • Weight control (in combination with a weight loss plan). The Goji Juice is high in anthocyanin. Several studies have proved that they are effective in reducing body fat, particularly abdominal fat. Besides, the low glycaemic index and the satiating power of the Goji berries make the Goji Juice your best ally in weight loss.
  • It helps keeping the physiological testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that is implied in sexual functions (sex drive and reproduction), it contributes to muscle development and, in general, provides an overall sensation of wellbeing. Recent studies confirm that Goji Berries can contribute to keeping testosterone healthy levels thanks to its high content of zinc and other anti-oxidative

Goji Juice: come si assume

Ingredienti di Goji Juice

Approfondimenti scientifici

Cod. Min. Sal.: 136428

I nostri testi hanno scopo divulgativo, non vanno intesi come indicazione di diagnosi e cura di stati patologici e non vogliono sostituirsi in alcun modo al parere del Medico.

Goji Juice

Succo di goji biologico: integratore 100% puro

Domande Frequenti sull'integratore

Sì, come tutti i succhi Salugea, è certificato biologico: è privo di conservanti, coloranti e additivi. Senza zuccheri aggiunti.

Sì, i bambini sopra i 3 anni possono prendere senza problemi i succhi Salugea. La dose da rispettare è 10 ml al giorno. In ogni caso, consigliamo di consultare anche il pediatra.

Una volta aperto, bisogna conservare il prodotto in frigorifero e consumarlo entro un mese.


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