Reflugea Forte


Content: 18 flaconcini x 10 ml - Free shipping

Reflugea Forte


Content: 18 flaconcini x 10 ml - Free shipping

"Ottimo sono rimasto molto soddisfatto." - Giacomo

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Salugea Reflugea Forte is a 100% natural food supplement that provides effective relief from heartburn by regulating the stomach acidity. It also protects the stomach walls, regulates the production of gastric acids, thus ensuring the overall wellbeing of both oesophagus and stomach.

You will be finally able to eat, sleep and live your normal life without that frequent, uncomfortable sensation of "burning fire" in your stomach or "acid" in your mouth. Besides, your teeth will not turn to yellowish - which is usually the case with products containing liquorice.

Salugea Reflugea Forte comes in pharmaceutical brown glass, practical and resistant single-dose vials. The product does not contain preservatives nor synthetic sweeteners.

It is a new generation product, 100% natural containing selected ingredients that have a buffering action on the stomach acids. Not only. In fact, Reflugea Forte also regulates the stomach secretion of acids and provides a natural protection that lines the stomach walls, thus ensuring the optimum functionality and wellbeing of the gastric mucosa.

Its ingredients are also effective against stress, which is often the silent, underlying condition that causes gastric discomfort.

Salugea Reflugea is an innovative and unique mix of plant active ingredients such as Mallow, Mucosave® FG, Mastiha Resin, Amla, Fig and Linden that all contribute to providing a fast and long-lasting (not just a few hours) relief from stomach heartburn and ensure general stomach wellbeing.

Who it it for

You will benefit from Reflugea Forte if:

  • you need to regulate your stomach acidity,
  • you experience that nasty sensation of "burning fire" in your stomach during or after meals,
  • you experience acid reflux burping,
  • as a consequence of the above, your throat feels burning all too often,
  • you feel under excessive pressure and stress upsets your stomach,
  • the quality of your sleep is bad due to the sensation of acid in your throat and mouth,
  • when your stomach is empty, you feel discomfort in your stomach and oesophagus.

What you obtain

The 100% natural active ingredients contained in Reflugea Forte will:

  • regulate the production of stomach acids,
  • quench that burning-fire sensation in your stomach,
  • create a "natural lining" that protects the stomach mucosa and supports its functionality and wellbeing, allowing you to normally eat and drink,
  • provide relief from stress and allow you to feel in a good mood again,
  • allow you to sit, lie down and sleep peacefully.

Why is reflugea forte different from any other supplements for the stomach wellbeing?

  • Salugea Reflugea Forte comes in pharmaceutical brown glass, practical and resistant single-dose vials. Glass is the only material that ensures the best preservation of the product, its quality and safety over time, and is also good to the environment!
  • Salugea Reflugea Forte is 100% natural.
  • It does not stain your tongue and teeth.
  • Its active ingredients not only buffer your stomach acidity, but they also regulate the production of stomach acids and line the stomach mucosa, thus supporting its functionality and wellbeing.
  • Salugea Reflugea Forte provides fast and long-lasting (not just for a few hours) relief from stomach discomfort.
  • It is also effective on the nervous system.
  • It is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
  • It is gluten free.

How it works

The secret of Reflugea Forte lies in its totally natural formulation. Its selected active ingredients develop an effective synergy that allows for the control of the stomach acidity, the protection of the stomach walls and finally the support of good mood.


Mallow is the quintessential remedy plant for the stomach. In fact, its soothing and emollient properties are beneficial to the digestive tract mucosa. What does it mean? It means that Mallow active principles ensure the stomach and intestine wellbeing by creating a protective lining on the mucosa.

In fact, Mallow mucilage and its complex polysaccharides are indigestible and in aqueous solution they turn into a gel that forms a protective film on the mucosa of the digestive tract. Such vegetable film protects the mucosa from being damaged by chemical and mechanical agents as swell as bacteria.

Mucosave® FG

It is a patented and trademark ingredient that combines Prickly Pear and Olive leaves extracts. The combination of the two plants results in an active ingredient that has remarkable emollient and soothing properties. Such properties are beneficial to the oropharyngeal mucosa (throat included) and to the digestive apparatus altogether. Besides, olive leaves also provide a good quantity of antioxidants.

Research studies confirm the beneficial effects of Mucosave® FG. Due to their physical-mechanical effects, Mucosave® FG active ingredients repair and sooth the digestive tract mucosa and are therefore beneficial in case of gastrointestinal disorders and gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)1.

Mastiha resin

Mastiha resin, also known as the Chios mastic gum, is a resinous exudate from the bark of Pistacia lentiscus, an evergreen shrub of the Mediterranean region, mainly cultivated on the Greek Island of Chios. It is a 100% natural product, PDO-certified (Protected Designation of Origin). Its properties promote the correct functionality and wellbeing of the digestive tract and exhibit a protective action on the gastric mucosa cells.


Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) or Indian gooseberry, is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda's pharmacopoeia, used to withdraw excessive heat from the digestive apparatus. It is the most effective natural active ingredient that regulates the stomach production of digestive acid. Amla exhibits antisecretory, anti-ulcer and cytoprotective properties on the digestive tract. In fact, it supports the normal physiological functions of the stomach by controlling hyperacidity (hyperchlorhydria, also with reflux) and protecting the epithelial cells of the gastric mucosa.


Reflugea Forte also contains selected Fig bud extracts. The Fig bud extract is traditionally used in gemmotherapy for its beneficial effects on the stomach, especially in case of complaints due to heavy stress and subsequent agitation.


Linden bud extract is also included in Reflugea Forte formulation. Linden bud extract has soothing and relaxing properties and is therefore recommended in case of nervousness, restlessness, anxiety and whenever stress and nervous tension occur.

Reflugea Forte: come si assume

Ingredienti di Reflugea Forte

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Reflugea Forte

Wellbeing of Oesophagus and Stomach

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