Salugea Energy Plus Plan - 1 month

1 Mese

Content: Energea+, Glutatione Forte, Succo di Goji Bio - Free shipping

Salugea Energy Plus Plan - 1 month

1 Mese

Content: Energea+, Glutatione Forte, Succo di Goji Bio - Free shipping

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Your Food Supplement Plan that boosts energy, strength and vitality.

I feel tired, worn out, how do I manage to cope? How many times have you heard people complaining about their lack of energy? And maybe it is your turn to feel low, right now.

Feeling tired and experiencing a lack of energy are rather common today.

What can you do, then, to quickly recharge your batteries?

  • Help your body develop more energy (instead of having it use more!)
  • Bring in nutrients capable of reaching the core of the cell “power plant”, i. e. the mitochondria and the cytoplasm.
  • Avoid all nervine substances - such as caffeine, guarana, yerba mate, etc. – that simply increase energy consumption thus bringing to exhaustion.

Salugea Energy Plus Plan is exactly what you need! It is made exclusively of 100% natural, innovative, patented ingredients. You will:

  • feel more energetic during the day
  • stop feeling tired from dawn to dusk
  • fight against stress.

The “champions” included in your Energy Plus Plan are:

  • Energea+
  • Omega 3 Krill Oil
  • Organic Goji berries juice


A revolutionary food supplement with ingredients that will provide your body and your mind with energy, strength and vitality, with no caffeine or any other nervine substances.

Energea+ formulation includes an innovative and exclusive mix of patented ingredients combined with others that are widely known for their benefits such as Spirulina, Shilajit (PrimaVie®), Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Grape seeds and Manganese.

A unique product that is 100% natural and safe. Enegea+ is suitable for everyone, both kids (from the age of 12) and adults, and also for those who need to keep their thyroid at bay. In fact, Spirulina is a blue-green fresh water algae that contains no iodine.

Salugea Omega 3 Krill Oil

Why should you include Omega 3 in your energy boosting plan? It is simple! Omega 3 also help your body produce energy and they are also extremely high in antioxidants.

In fact, fats provide more energy than any other type of nutrient.

Thanks to the Omega 3 contained in our Omega 3 Krill Oil, your body will optimise fats metabolism and therefore draw much more energy from them.

Besides, Salugea Omega 3 Krill Oil is a superior quality Omega 3 which provides EPA and DHA in a form that is 4 times more bio-available and effective than common fish oils, and devoid of that unpleasant fish aftertaste!

Salugea Organic Goji Berries Juice

Your third ally included in Salugea Energy Plus Plan is the Organic Juice of Goji Berries. Goji juice is an extremely powerful and natural antioxidant, with tonic-invigorating properties that strengthen your immune system. Besides, it tastes really nice and contains no added sugars!

Salugea Energy Plus Plan - 1 month: come si assume

Ingredienti di Salugea Energy Plus Plan - 1 month

Approfondimenti scientifici

Cod. Min. Sal.: 138745 - 148940 - 136428

I nostri testi hanno scopo divulgativo, non vanno intesi come indicazione di diagnosi e cura di stati patologici e non vogliono sostituirsi in alcun modo al parere del Medico.

Salugea Energy Plus Plan - 1 month

d’integrazione alimentare per sostenere energia e vitalità

Domande Frequenti sull'integratore

In generale sì, dal momento che Energea+ non contiene caffeina né sostanze nervine. Per estrema precauzione puoi iniziare i primi 5-6 giorni a 1 capsula al giorno e poi passare al dosaggio completo.

Non dovrebbero esserci interferenze; per massima sicurezza consulta il tuo medico.

Certo, tutti i prodotti/Programma Salugea sono abbinabili tra di loro. In questo modo puoi agire su più esigenze contemporaneamente. Se hai dubbi sull’assunzione multipla contatta i nostri esperti!


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