Junior Immune System Boosting Program

Junior Immune System

Contenuto: 3 food supplements (1 month program)/9 food supplements (3 months program) - SKU: 0152

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Duration: 1 month
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Natural food supplement programme to boost the immune system of kids aged between 3 and 12

The Junior immune system boosting programme has been designed and implemented to support and strengthen the natural immune defences of the little ones, particularly for those aged between 3 and 12.

During childhood, kids are often fighting against viruses and bacteria. Such “contact” with pathogens happens at two levels: on one side it trains the child’s immune system, on the other its excessive and prolonged stimulation over time tends to weaken the immune system, especially if it is not properly supported.

The result? Fever, red and swollen tonsils, runny noses, and… too many days off school! To avoid such inconveniences, you can rely upon Salugea Junior Immune System Boosting Programme. It supports the kids’ immune system by strengthening it and making it ready to react against the attack of viruses and bacteria.

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