365 Wellness Plan (12 months)

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Contenuto: 44 Integratori Alimentari + in OMAGGIO: 1 Water Reminder Salugea e 4 Consulenze Naturopatiche Personalizzate

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Annual food supplement program, at an exceptional discount!

Salugea's 365 Wellness Plan is a program that takes care of you every day of the year, for 365 days.

Thanks to this program you no longer have to worry about what to take on a daily basis to live healthy

Finally you will be free to dedicate your time to what you think is important and thanks to the supplements we have studied for you, you will have the physical and mental energies to face every day to the maximum.

Salugea's 365 Plan works on the four seasons and for each of them a specific supplement program has been designed with products that can: support, prevent and improve your health.

How the 365 Program is structured

Program 365 is an annual program that follows the calendar. This does not mean that you have to start it in January and end in December.

The beauty of this program is versatility. You can start it whenever you want because it follows the seasons and each period of the year requires special integration.

Let's go now to see the supplements that make up the 365 program, season after season.


The season of warm blankets, hot herbal teas, soft wool and ... sneezing and coughing!

The cold and even more the fact that you spend a lot of time indoors, like home, office, school, or gym, leave no way out. Before you or a loved one can realize it, you find yourself dealing with "etciù" and "coff-coff".

Vitamin C and vitamin D are very important for the immune system and perform two different tasks:

  • Vitamin C: Helps your immune defenses react faster when under attack
  • Vitamin D: helps to avoid the real attack!

For all these reasons your integration for the months of January, February and March is composed of:

  • Acerola juice: the fruit with the highest content of vitamin C, even 50 times higher than that of the famous oranges! It is the number one fruit when you want to cope with tiredness, stress and strengthening the immune system.
  • Elderberry juice: rich in antioxidants, it is able to remove toxins and viruses through diuresis and sweating and is at the forefront in fighting bacteria that attack the pathways as it promotes the fluidization of phlegm and secretions.
  • DKE + Magnesium: Vitamin D3 supports the immune system and makes it tonic and ready to respond to every need. In particular, vitamin D is able to activate T cells, which are part of the family of lymphocytes, components of the immune system that when they take the field ... leave no escape! In addition, in this supplement you find vitamin K2, important for helping calcium to settle in bones and teeth, vitamin E, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory and magnesium, well known for its beneficial effect on the nervous system. Four basic ingredients to face this period well.
  • Omega 3 Krill Oil: there is a reason why Omega 3 are also called essential fatty acids. Because they are, in fact, essential for our well-being. Among the various functions they cover, fatty acids are able to modulate inflammation and consequently promote the work of the immune system. The amount of EPA and DHA brought in by Salugea's Omega 3 Krill Oil is 100% absorbed and scientific studies show that they are up to three times more powerful than those obtained from fish oil.


Let's leave the gray of winter with its freezing nights and short days to wake up in spring . The season of rebirth and the famous "spring cleaning"! At this moment it is important to work on the purification to eliminate the toxins and waste that have accumulated in the winter months.

For optimal purification it will only take you two months! For this reason April and May will be dedicated to this important aspect and the supplements that are part of it are:

  • Aloe Vera Juice : the enzymes present in Aloe Vera juice (obtained by cold pressing) easily penetrate inside the tissues, eliminating toxins, waste and promotes the regeneration of the organism.
  • Epasal : there is no perfect purification without him! Epasal is the innovative Salugea supplement that cleanses the liver and, in general, the whole body. Thanks to the unique mix of its plants (Milk thistle, Fillanto, Olive leaves, Artichoke and Fumaria) you get a deep liver cleansing, improve the digestion of fats, the appearance of skin, hair, nails ...
  • Diuresan Enhanced Formula : The "change of the old to make room for the new" also passes through the lymphatic system. Diuresan Enhanced Formula acts directly on the kidneys and lymphatic system improving its functionality. It is the perfect supplement to remove excess body fluids and organic toxins.


Whether you are a sea or mountain type, in summer you will always have to deal with him: the Sun!

Our biggest star is a very important source of vitamin D, in a good mood and ... of free radicals!

This is one of the factors that, over time, will cause the skin to wrinkle, fill with wrinkles and feel more tired and tired.

For all these reasons it is very important to integrate yourself with: antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

  • Pomegranate Juice : protects the skin from sun and weather damage. Among the antioxidants of Pomegranate juice, the one with the highest grade, say the commander, is ellagic acid . Do you think that some studies have shown its ability to interfere with the formation of cellular alterations!
  • Aronia juice : the loss of sweat and liquids can make your mind clouded and make you feel so tired. Aronia juice is a refill of energy both physically and mentally, which does not affect the nervous system like coffee or energy drinks do!
  • Goji extract : a concentrate of antioxidants, carotenoids and vitamin A a real "beauty cocktail". Carotenoids protect eyesight and strengthen the skin, preparing it for a rapid and intense tan. Vitamin A, on the other hand, has great anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating power.


The colors of the trees, the creaking of the leaves under your feet, the days getting shorter and the temperatures going down enough to make your cheeks come red but don't push yourself completely into your "lair".

The integration of this period includes the months of September, October, November and December and is composed of:

  • Epasal: liver cleansing is the first, indispensable step you need to take to really feel better. The plants contained in Epasal help you do just that. In a few weeks, cleanse the liver, blood and the whole organism.
  • Aloe Vera juice: natural purifying, facilitates digestive function and supports natural defenses . We can consider Aloe as a pampering for the whole digestive tract and where it passes brings benefits. Starting from the stomach to the intestine. It also helps support the immune system.
  • DKE + Magnesium: vitamin D3 supports the immune system and makes it ready to respond to every need. In addition to this, in this supplement you will find vitamin K2 , important for helping calcium to settle in bones and teeth, vitamin E , antiaging and anti-inflammatory and magnesium, well known for its positive action on the nervous system.
  • Omega 3 Krill Oil : Among the various functions that cover the fatty acids we find they are able to modulate inflammations and consequently promote the work of the immune system. The amount of EPA and DHA brought in by Salugea's Omega 3 Krill Oil is 100% absorbed and scientific studies show that they are up to three times more powerful than those obtained from fish oil.
  • Maqui juice : the fruit with the most antioxidants in the world ! Having an excellent supply of antioxidants means giving long life to cells, feeling more energetic both physically and mentally. In addition to this, Maqui is fantastic for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and febrifugal effect .
  • Mangosteen juice : antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive ! Mangosteen is the cousin of Aloe even more specialized in the digestive system. Thanks to the presence of Xanthones (natural flavonoids), Mangosteen has anti-inflammatory properties especially in the gastro-intestinal level. It protects the digestive mucous membranes from inflammatory and impaired states.

We spent a year together and saw what the specific needs and supplements are for each month. You can have them at your home at an exceptional discount!

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