Anti-Cellulite Plan (3 months)

Inestetismi della Cellulite

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3-Months Anti-Cellulite Food Supplement Program

What works against cellulite

Cellulite is a problem of "clogging" metabolic waste which, by hindering microcirculation, generates inflammation of the tissue. That's why it won't be enough to spread a cream to solve the problem; if we want to face it seriously and effectively, we must instead:

  • to purify the body in depth
  • turn off the inflammation
  • promote microcirculation
  • reduce fat storage in fat cells
  • nourish and oxygenate the tissues

An anti-cellulite strategy that ignores even one of these 5 aspects cannot work. Here we have designed a three-month, complete and effective action plan for you.

It is a detailed protocol (you can find the instructions in the "HOW TO ASSUME" section), which considers all 5 aspects that we have treated and ensures you a fast and effective result.

*cellulite blemishes

Instructions for use
Modalità di Assunzione

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gentilezza efficienza ed efficacia

gentilezza efficienza ed efficacia