Immuno Bimbi

Immune Defenses of Children

Content: 30 sachets - Free shipping

Immuno Bimbi

Immune Defenses of Children

Content: 30 sachets - Free shipping

"...Da settembre ho iniziato a dare immuno bimbi a mio figlio e non ha ancora preso nemmeno un raffreddore!" - Alessia

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Supplement for the Immune Defenses of Children without fructose or synthetic sweeteners

Immuno Bimbi Salugea is the most complete and innovative 100% natural supplement designed to support and strengthen the immune defenses of children (from 3 to 12 years old). Fundamental actions for their well-being and to avoid exhausting days at home due to colds and seasonal ailments that, almost inevitably, winter and school bring with them. Inside, for the first time ever, you will find 9 active components.

A unique product of its kind that combines 5 actions at the same time:

  • Primary Prevention and Support Action in the acute phases.
  • Support for the development and activation of the immune system.
  • Fluidification of mucus and phlegm.
  • Immuno modulating action without excessive stimulation. The immune system intervenes only when it is needed.
  • Taste and Safety, fruity flavor (with real dehydrated orange juice rich in vitamin C), ease of intake and only titrated dry extracts, therefore high concentration of active ingredients. The sweeteners present in the product are: organic coconut flower nectar sugar and stevia. Both totally natural, without aftertaste and with a low glycemic index.

Based on Astragalus, Coriolus, Propolis, Rosehip, Elderberry, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, Immuno Bimbi is the perfect childhood supplement to support the immune system, support tone and energy (also help in the game and in the study, without stimulating substances) and contribute to the correct bone development of the child.


  • Support for the immune system, both in the prevention phase and in the acute phase. This action is carried out by the synergy of its ingredients and in particular by Astragalus, a plant traditionally used to combat bacterial and viral diseases (flu, colds, sore throats ...). It is also excellent as a general tonic and tonic and to counteract fatigue.
  • Support of natural antibacterial and antiviral activity. It is the Coriolus who is "responsible" for this splendid action. This mushroom, also very common in our area, has been used in oriental medicine for millennia to treat respiratory disorders, fatigue, chronic and degenerative diseases, viral infections. In addition, Coriolus is also active in countering the systemic inflammatory state, one of the main causes of many body disorders.
  • Disinfectant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Three important functions and a wonderful ingredient: Propolis. Propolis is made up of a resinous substance that bees collect from the buds and bark of some trees, such as poplars, firs, elms, and birches, which they then mix with saliva, wax and pollen. It is a natural substance used for millennia to fight infections and inflammations, both of bacterial and viral origin. In Immuno Bimbi you will find a superior quality Propolis obtained with a patented purification and concentration process that eliminates waxes and resins (unfortunately present in many propolis-based products) and ensures maximum bioavailability.
  • Fluidity of bronchial secretions. Action promoted by the Elder. The flavonoids contained in Elderberry perform a vasodilatory and fluidifying action of mucus and phlegm, help unblock nasal congestion and stimulate bronchial secretion and thus move excess mucus. Furthermore, to the Elderberry, antibacterial and antiviral actions are attributed, useful for relieving the symptoms of cooling, as well as supporting the immune defenses.
  • Vitamin C supply. It is the Rosehip, in particular, that provides Vitamin C. The Rosehip is very rich in vitamin C, so much so that 100 g of these berries can have the same vitamin C content as a kilo of oranges! Vitamin C, in addition to supporting the immune system, facilitates the assimilation of iron. Rosehip boasts restorative and adaptogenic properties and is used in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory, especially in case of problems in the respiratory system.
  • Vitamin D3 contribution. The scientific documentation regarding the positive effects of Vitamin D on the immune system is now vast. Vitamin D receptors are present both on cells involved in innate immunity and on those responsible for acquired immunity. Therefore, its deficiency can lead to a reduced immune response. Furthermore, in the absence of adequate doses of this nutrient, it appears to increase the risk of autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Zinc and Selenium: Zinc is useful for the functioning of various hormones, including thyroid hormones, insulin, sex hormones and growth hormone, in optimal immune response, in wound healing and in tissue repair. Selenium has mainly an antioxidant and immunostimulating action that plays on a large group of immune structures such as T lymphocytes, the activity of NK cells, the functions of innate immune cells and many others.

Immuno Bimbi: come si assume

Ingredienti di Immuno Bimbi

Approfondimenti scientifici

Cod. Min. Sal.: 103457

I nostri testi hanno scopo divulgativo, non vanno intesi come indicazione di diagnosi e cura di stati patologici e non vogliono sostituirsi in alcun modo al parere del Medico.

Immuno Bimbi

Supplement for the Immune Defenses of Children

Domande Frequenti sull'integratore

Le 2 bustine di Immuno Bimbi possono essere assunte insieme, ad esempio al mattino. Oppure anche in due momenti differenti in base alle preferenze, ad esempio 1 al mattino e 1 al pomeriggio, preferibilmente lontano dai pasti.

Già dopo i primi giorni puoi constatare i benefici. Consigliamo di fare un primo ciclo di prevenzione di 3 mesi. Fra un mese e l’altro suggeriamo di fare una pausa di 2/3 giorni. Dopo il 3° mese di trattamento si può decidere se fare un altro ciclo completo o fare uno o due mesi di mantenimento (come richiamo e potenziamento delle difese).

Immuno Bimbi è al gustoso sapore di arancia dato da vero succo naturale disidratato. Può essere dissolto in acqua, succo di frutta, yogurt o latte purché sia freddo o appena tiepido e non caldo o bollente per mantenere le proprietà di tutte le vitamine.


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