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Natural tonic-invigorating food supplement

Energea+ is Salugea’s revolutionary food supplement that provides your body and mind with energy, strength and vitality, with no caffeine or other nervine substances which - on the long term – often cause anxiety, tachycardia and agitation.

Its strength lies in its formulation that includes patented ingredients, never used before, combined with other ingredients well-known for their outstanding properties.

In fact, Energea+ contains: Spirulina, Shilajit (PrimaVie®), Royal Gelly, Ginseng, Grape seeds and Manganese. Such ingredients are wisely mixed into a unique product, 100% natural and safe.

Why is it different from any other tonic supplements on the market?

Energea+ stimulates the production of energy, not its consumption.

This is the main, big difference between Energea+ and all the other products you can find on the market. In fact, today’s market offers a wide range of supplements rich in stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, yerba mate… Such stimulants act on the nervous system (they rapidly make us feel more concentrated and awake), but have a temporary effect, leaving us even more exhausted. It is a fact that the long-term use of stimulants causes anxiety, tachycardia, sleep troubles, agitation and even more fatigue!

This happens because stimulants do not generate the production of new energy, but they simply force your body to use more rapidly the little energy left!

Energea+ natural active principles directly nourish the cell mitochondria and cytoplasm, our body “power plants” where all the energy is produced.

In this way, your body is encouraged to produce more energy and the result will be more focus and concentration, mental and physical wellbeing with no unpleasant side effects on your heart and nervous system. Besides, the active ingredients in Energea+ are unique and innovative in the field of energy boosting food supplements. Take for instance Shilajit (PrimaVie®), an organic mineral compound that seeps out of the Himalayan rocks, that is well-known for its rejuvenating and tonic properties. The term Shilajit means “Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”.

What do you get with Energea+?

Thanks to its active ingredients, you will have more energy, both physical and mental.

  • You will easily accomplish all your daily tasks.
  • At the end of the day, you will still feel focussed and not exhausted.
  • You will experience a sense of vitality with no energy drops (e.g. you will not feel drowsy after your meals!)
  • You will feel focussed, determined and motivated to face your daily challenges.
  • You will easily cope in stressful situation.s
  • You will stop feeling forever tired.

When do you need to take Energea+?

Energea+ is your ally in any time of the year. You particularly need to take Enegea+ when:

  • you feel physically and mentally tired;
  • you experience permanent stress;
  • fatigue has built up over time because of too much work or too many responsibilities and now you do not know how to “get sorted”;
  • you feel demotivated;
  • you are slow to get started in the morning and you “run low on fuel” by mid-day;
  • you experience a drop in energy when the seasons change;
  • you have tried a number of solutions to get more energetic, with no results;
  • it is hard for you to remain focussed for long.

Energea+ characteristics.

  • It is packed in pharmaceutical brown glass bottles. Glass is the only material capable of ensuring the product quality and safety over time – and it is good to the environment!
  • It is 100% natural.
  • It stimulates the production of energy not its consumption!
  • It is devoid of nervine substances such as caffeine, cola, maté, guarana.
  • It comes in vegetable capsules that can be opened.
  • It is lactose and gluten free.
  • It is suitable for everyone, kids (from the age of 12) and adults.
  • It is notified to the Italian Ministry of Health.
Instructions for use and Ingredients

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13 mag 2021
Silvia F.
Italy Italy

Lo sto prendendo da 10 giorni e mi sento più energica w meno stanca!

04 mag 2021
Italy Italy

Ottimo!! Ero in un periodo di grande stanchezza fisica e mentale e devo dire che ho sentito la differenza. Il tutto senza aver problemi di sonno ! Consigliato